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 FREE Training totally or partially through the UPR! 

INVASTA provides consultancy by actually beeing present within our client’s companies with the purpose of improving the efficency of the company’s organisation and the waste aviodance system:

  • Application of “LEAN Management” methodology
  • Application of Six Sigma instruments
  • “Project Management”, including European projects
  • Implementation of practical solutions for inter-organizational communication and conflict resolution
  • Process Optimisation of the Sales / Marketing department

Moreover, INVASTA may help in solving some specific problems concerning:

  • Identification of profit decline causes, cost optimisation,
  • Department organisation / reorganisation
  • Strategic Management: setting objectives, action plan development and tracing, assigning responsibilities
  • Technological and administrative flow analysis and optimization.
  • Loss analysis and reduction
  • Procurement and storage optimization.
  • Technological solutions.
  • Find the root causes of problems and proposals for solutions.
  • Finding the root cause of problems and solution proposals.

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