Training PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) – procedure for approval of suppliers of products (samples, lots of sample, tests, ensuring a consistent quality, and so on – as part of APQP)

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Contents of training

      • Basics and need for PPAP
      • Levels of PPAP – components to be supplied and customization
      • Request for change – Supplier Change Request (SCR)
      • Management of change in the relationship with the customer
      • PPAP requirements for customer reference
      • Declaration of conformity with specification, essential information and request for approval
      • Documentation for approval of change
      • Approval of the concept by the customer
      • DFMEA / PFMEA Documentation
      • Production flow charts
      • Control Plan

    • Documentation for MSA Measurement System Analysis
    • Dimensional Reports and features
    • Documentation of material and performance tests
    • First studies of process capability (Cpk / PPK )
    • Documentation of internal or external control laboratories
    • Report for the approval of appearance
    • Reference samples and prototypes
    • Instruments, devices and product verification techniques
    • Documentation of specific customers’ requirements
    • Update PPAP requirements within the company – action plan


Expected outcomes

    • Understanding the Steps in achieving PPAP
    • Learning how to present the documentation
    • Learning the methodology and understanding the need to achieve MSA, SPC, Cpk / PPK
    • Understanding the links between processes and design in terms of customer relations
    • Reduce the time for the development PPAP required documents as a result of understanding the methodology
    • Improving management processes as a result of learning and understanding the correct way to achieve PPAP
    • Prevention of the use of parts and processes unapproved by customer or not documented enough
    • Improving the quality of the whole process – product management


Duration of training : 2 days, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a break of 15 minutes after 1h 45 ‘ and 1 hour lunch break for lunch.

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