Training ISO 16949 -2009 (Quality Management System for automotive)

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Contents of training

      • Standard structure and essential elements.
      • Identify principles within the standard
      • The relationship between quality management principles and standard
      • Comparison with ISO 9001 – management, production, measurements, analysis and improvement
      • Using Statistical Process Control – SPC and Measurement Systems Analysis -MSC
      • FMEA – requirements and specifications
      • Control Plan – contents and examples
      • Quality Management – requirements and documentation

    • Management responsibilities. System efficient organizing and planning
    • Human Resources Management. Training, infrastructure, work environment, security at the workplace
    • Achieving production. Planning, communication with the client, product design and development, procurement, preventive and predictive maintenance, analysis of measuring systems, metrology requirements
    • Analysis and improvements. Internal Audit. Continuous improvement
    • Effects and remarks on drawing out the Quality Manual


Expected outcomes

○ Understanding the impact of ISO 16949/2002 on the company

○ Learning the main issues which streamline the relation with customers.

○ Learning how to use the standard provisions for identifying processes and related issues among which can meet customer’s technical specifications

○ Understand and identify parallelism with ISO 9001

○ Using ISO 16949/2002 in achieving the company’s quality manual and / or update the existing manual

○ Improving customer relationship by establishing solid work bases, using the provisions of ISO 16949/2002

Duration of training : 2 days, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a break of 15 minutes after 1h 45 ‘ and 1 hour lunch break for lunch.

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