ISO 9001/2008, refresher training and efficient practical application

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Many companies face a difficult problem: they implemented the ISO 9001 system in the company, there’s a certification, but many employees have forgotten, neglected and / or do not apply ISO 9001. In many companies, although ISO 9001 has been implemented, it has not proven its efficiency and people do not know how to streamline the business by its use. Apparently, audits using ISO 9001 do not detect any irregularity, but the impact on the organization is reduced; Moreover, the employees are complaining for additional bureaucracy.

Companies that achieved ISO 9001 certification and auditing, they generally do not consider these aspects of operational management and practical aspects to approach the processes.

This training, with a very practical approach with examples and interactive exercises that involve the participants will immediately bring about more value. Participants will understand why and how to act for the continuous improvement of the processes and satisfaction of customers’ requirements.


    • Defining quality, history, quality and overall impact on the Company’s business
    • ISO 9001 – a process-based approach, characteristics of processes
    • Customer focus
    • Leadership and staff involvement
    • Systemic approach and relationship with basic processes
    • PDAC- continuous improvement processes
    • Relationship systems with suppliers
    • Conceptualization of Quality Management System (PPS)
    • Elements of SPC management – responsibility
    • Documentation requirements; procedures, work instructions; control of documents and records
    • Quality Manual
    • Management Responsibility
    • Product / service quality plan
    • Management of resources
    • Processes related to achieving the product / service
    • Measurement, analysis and improvement
    • Quality Audit Process

Duration of training : 2 days, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a break of 15 minutes after 1h 45 ‘ and 1 hour lunch break for lunch.

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