Leadership Training – ”Coach the bosses to be bosses !”

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  • Management versus leadership
  • “Know thyself” paradigms and subconscious
  • Character and competence
  • Adapting and changing the attitude and behaviour; inner transformation to acquire leadership qualities
  • Persuading individuals; influencing groups
  • Overall success through individual success; how to understand other people; how to help them, how to influence, how to mobilize them
  • Pride, confidence and interest
  • Criticizing and correcting mistakes
  • Appreciation and recognition: the long-awaited food
  • Tone, smile and kindness;
  • Listening, interest and measured words;
  • Failure – opportunity to success
  • Disputes – fights – contradictions: How a leader acts
  • Pride, humility and self-criticism
  • Leader and instilling inner desire to the persons around
  • Unification of visions of the persons in the groups.
  • Positive thinking and banishing fear; reactive versus proactive
  • Problems and attitude to change;
  • Monitoring results and corrective actions.

Training is strongly practical. Participants are involved in numerous individual and group exercises, they show and resolve cases of current activity and proposed by the trainer, participate in discussions and debates, notice role playing games. The effects of company’s heads attending such a course (from foremen to department heads) are visible immediately in their current activity.

 Duration of training: 2 days, from 8:00 a.m.to 5:00 p.m., with a break of 15 minutes after 1h 45 ‘ and 1/2 hour lunch break for lunch.

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