”Motivation and Attitude ”Training

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Contents of training:

  • Non – financial and loyalty motivation; basic concepts with implications for the management of the teams.
  • Attitude – motivation relationship. Basics of positive attitude.
  • Determining the motivation level of the staff and social dysfunctions.
  • Tools for assessing work, their stimulating and motivating role, determination and monitoring of performance; personal development.
  • Determination of motivating and demotivating factors.
  • Increase motivation level through communication techniques.
  • Performance indicators involving motivation. Using feed-back from employees and managers
  • Building a positive attitude from within and from the outside.
  • Managerial influence and attitudes influencing techniques.
  • Attitude of the Management vs. Attitude of the Staff.
  • Reward management
  • Organizational strategy concerning staff motivation.

    This course can be customized for both management and staff teams, up to foremen levels – team leaders.

    Moreover, training can be customized according to the business of the company, the way in which the knowledge and the skills acquired during the training are intended to be used and the professional experience of the participants.


    Expected outcomes


    • deep understanding of motivation – attitude relationship.

    • Participants will be aware of how to act as a manager or as a performer (to motivate subordinates, namely to build a positive attitude).

    • Participants will become aware of how they have to act to assist the staff in building a positive attitude, including the use of the most appropriate techniques for non –financial motivation.

    • Participants will be able to develop a strategy to improve company’s culture to ensure an attitude appropriate to perform the activities in the best conditions.


    Duration of training: 1 day, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a break of 15 minutes after 1h 45 ‘ and 1/2 hour lunch break for lunch.

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